The blog started slowly but its popularity rose rapidly in the late 1990s when it coincided with the introduction of the first blogging sites:

  • Open Diary by Bruce Ableson in October 1998.
  • LiveJournal by Brad Fitzpatrick in March 1999.
  • com by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan august 1999 which was bought by Google in February 2003.

These were some of the pioneering projects.

By 2004, blogs became main stream. Politicians, political parties, celebrities, news services, etc., started using them as a device to connect with the masses. Politicians used them with the objective of influencing the opinions of the people, news services used them to get a wider reach for their newspapers, celebrities used them to gain popularity, etc.

Israel was the first country to create its own blog. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs under David Saranga adopted political blogging and video blogging. The Manchester Restaurants Blog was also one of the first.

Then came micro blogging via twitter and blogging was never the same again! Saranga even answered questions on Israel’s war with Hamas through twitter using common text message vocabulary. The president of the United States of America, Barack Obama acknowledged the increasing use and impact of blogging.

Early blogs were simply manual updates from popular internet websites containing common information. In today’s world with further development of internet technology and its rapidly increasing popularity has ensured that blog is not only an exchange of information anymore. It is a tool for the expression of one’s thoughts and creativity too.

Twitter has more than a billion users who “follow” each other and their favourite celebrities.  It is an ingenious application for keeping people updated about the day to day life of a person, especially a celebrity and also expressing political, spiritual, etc., opinion and gain popularity among the masses.